The Learning Site focuses on the local conditions in which its art practice is located. This entails a critical examination of the material resources and economies available within specific situations. Each situation may entail examination of economic and environmental factors, but also labor rights, property rights and the production and distribution of knowledge, which are investigated in tandem to produce a variety of different critical perspectives.


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Harvard, GSD the 20th of November at 06:30pm - 08:00pm
“Survival, Agreement, Transformative Action"
, an evening at Krzysztof Wodiczko’s Investigation in the Art, Design, and the Public Domain program.

Alex - Act Three (Draft), introduces a new character Jed, a financial speculator. The sometimes uncomfortable dialogue between Alex and Jed centers on issues of immigration, racism, population, climate change, economics, security, and political philosophy.

Audible Dwelling 0.2
is currently sited in the grounds of a former school in southern Sweden. A 'Soundschool', 'Ljudskolan', was held there in summer 2014

'House of Welfare' and the essay 'California Scheming: Wake Up and Smell the Patchouli!' by Jaime Stapleton, were exhibited at Raven Row, London in the autunm of 2013

The floating platform (Pod #001 - Where is the Sun?, Pod#002 - Parasiting Compost Heating House and N55 Spaceframe) are currently in dry dock in the South Harbor of Copenhagen, where they are undergoing renovation and redevelopment for the future.



Learning Site (Rikke Luther, Copenhagen/Berlin and Cecilia Wendt, Malmö, who were previously co-founders of N55 (download N55 BOOK)) was formed in 2004. Learning Site is a platform for exchange and dialogue between people from different disciplines,
practices and backgrounds who have a common interest in learning. Learning Site projects learn from, and respond to, the dynamics of local cultures, environments, resources and economies.

Learning Site often works in collaboration with other persons. Collaborators from different backgrounds reflect the different local conditions in which Learning Site's projects are enacted. Early projects were made in co-operation with Julio Castro (co-founder of Tercerunquinto, Mexico City), Nance Klehm (spontaneousvegetation/ salvationjane, Chicago) and Brett Bloom (co-founder of Temporary Services, Chicago), but collaborators may also include non-artists, such as research scientists, sociologists, city planners, and lawyers, as well as non-governmental organisations, like Navdanya, based in New Delhi. In recents years Learning Site have been collaborating with writers Jaime Stapleton and Anthony Iles and the design constructor Viggo Wichmann.

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